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We speak Russian, Polish & Ukrainian
Наша адвокатская фирма говорит на русском языке.

Мы работаем в Нью-Йорке и Нью-Джерси. Мы представляем интересы клиентов, которые имеют различные судебные вопросы.

Our company, Samardin, L.L.C., is a New York and New Jersey law firm, capable of handling a variety of legal issues that may be of concern to our clients. Our office prides itself on a high level of professionalism and dedication to clientele. We strive to provide cost-effective representation while zealously championing our clients’ interests and objectives.

Welcome to the Samardin Law Firm Website

·    Large law firm experience with small law firm accessibility,

·    Trial and Appellate level appearances and complex litigation,

·    A variety of practice areas, such as:

+ Personal Injury & Insurance Litigation,

+ International Aviation / Representation with regard to procurement activities within International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Quasi-Governmental Institutions, including, but not limited to: United Nations, and its subordinate departments and missions; World Food Programme (WFP); International Red Cross (IRC); and so on.

+ Matrimonial (Divorce) & Family Law,

+ Criminal Defense,

+ Motor Vehicle Offenses & Violations,

+ Real Estate & Property,

+ Domestic and International Business and Contractual Matters; and,

+ Other areas that require the protection and vindication of your legal and equitable rights. You are welcome to inquire about your particular case if you do not see the category listed above.

Whether your case involves a personal injury, criminal liability, or another field of law, it is our goal to guide you through the complexities of jurisprudence. As your advocate, we stand beside you, inside or outside of court.

Choosing to consult with an attorney is an important decision. If you believe that you have a viable legal claim, an applicable statute of limitations may be running against you. Your particular case may have certain and specific jurisprudential limitations and/or civil procedures related to filing requirements and evidentiary thresholds, including, but not limited to, affidavits of merit in medical malpractice litigation, notice of claims against government entities, and pleadings with particularity in relation to fraud claims, and so on. A competent litigator is trained to utilize powerful legal and investigative tools during the various stages of the prosecution or defense of your criminal or civil case, including the discovery and trial phases, to strengthen your legal claims, arguments, and rights. A competent attorney can identify a variety of legal issues and help you proceed accordingly. Be sure to make an informed decision. We welcome your inquiries!


Your matter deserves thoughtful analysis and quality advocacy.
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You may also email the office with your inquiry: lawyer@samardin.com;
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Have you suffered a personal injury?

A knowledgeable attorney can provide you with valuable professional insight into your case. A New Jersey or New York personal injury lawyer may help you redress the damages that you have sustained in your accident or under any other harmful circumstance.

Have you been arrested or are in trouble with the authorities?

The Samardin law office is capable of providing you with competent defense counsel. Depending on the specifics and location of your case, the firm can offer you New Jersey criminal defense, New York criminal defense and Federal criminal defense.

Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Offenses & Violations, Real Estate Transactions, Business and Contractual Matters, among others practice areas…